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The different establishments and types of facilities that make up the hospitality industry and the profile of the work and the activities done in each department of a hotel are also reviewed. Each major world region will be discussed in detail as far as map, IATA 3 letter codes and airport codes, and attractions. It gives students a better understanding of the setting in which accounting information is developed and used in the travel and tourism industry.

This course focuses on a user-oriented approach, therefore facilitating students to become life long information users.

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Specifically, it explores the role of strategic information for an organization, the value of advanced technologies and the development of data bases. In addition, the course aims to educate students in the areas of telecommunications and networks, as well as security and ethics.

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It examines leisure from a historical, economic, sociological and geographical perspectives, as well as future developments. The student will be able to communicate with a German speaking person and provide them with necessary information.

The student will be able to 3 σε 1 camisole αδυνατίσματος with a Russian speaking person and provide them with necessary information.

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It presents the main concepts, principles and analysis of Microeconomics and demonstrates the relevance of economics and its relevance to tourism. Tourism is motivated by a variety of different types of tourism interests, namely: adventure, health and wellness, heritage, education, sex, cruises, the wine and cuisine of the destination being visited.

It will focus on examples with travel and tourism companies since marketing for this industry has its own challenges.

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They will also learn to appreciate the importance of information gathering, literature reviewing and discover the different methods of researching and analyzing their data. It exposes students to the theory of national income accounting, aggregate supply and demand, income and spending, money and banking, economic growth and economic fluctuations, inflation and unemployment, fiscal and monetary policy and international linkages.

Managerial accounting shows what kind of information the manager needs, where this information can be obtained, and how it is used in carrying-out three 3 essential functions: 1 planning, 2 control, 3 decision-making. It examines the contribution of behavioral science to the management process from a theoretical and functional perspective.

It involves a critical reflection on contemporary strategies, concepts and ideas that currently shape tourism practices from a demand as well as a supply perspective.

3 σε 1 camisole αδυνατίσματος

To accomplish this, different factors and contributors need to come to the play. It enables the students to realize the importance of effective personnel management for peak performance in travel and tourism organizations. This development must balance the economic goals of the industry with the needs of the community and at the same time incorporate vital safeguards for the natural environment.

Students will validate the need for tourism planning.

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Methods and good practice will be 3 σε 1 camisole αδυνατίσματος, enabling the student to assess future proposed tourism projects at a strategic management level.

Socio-economic consequences of various strategic approaches will be examined and evaluated, with the aim of preparing the graduating student to play an important and effective role in the tourism industry.

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The student will get familiar with the internationalization of tourism businesses like, airlines, cruises and people like labor or customers. Also the student will be able to see tourism as part of a bigger context. The demonopolization of information flows and the disintermediation brought about by growing Internet use mean that developing countries can now make the most of their tourism resources by targeting the potential tourist directly.

The tourist industry is heterogeneous and fragmented.

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It involves many different players, both private and public, and draws on the widest possible range of cross-cutting skills. The course will provide case studies from organizations operating in Cyprus.

It focuses on some of the major challenges and opportunities and provides the knowledge and skills required to start a small business and drastically improve the chances of sustaining it successfully.

This module provides students with the opportunity to explore the principles and practices of crisis management within the context of tourism as a multi-sector industry.

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Using up to date international case studies, it tackles the following areas: Political disturbance, Social unrest, Economic instability, Environmental conditions, Technological crises, Corporate crises, Human resource issues and questions of finance. Major issues to be discussed will be cash management and accounting concepts, Marketing and Human Resources issues, impacts of the industry and theoretical and practical knowledge of primary casino games.

They will have the chance to utilize all their prior knowledge by participating in a major real life project. Students will be able to integrate their knowledge and skills derived from what already has been acquired in other areas of their study.

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In addition, the course gives the opportunity to students to relate the concepts and their application through case studies and decision simulation exercises. Teaching and learning sessions will focus on discrete topics that highlight the changing nature of tourism and its industries such as the emergence of new products and markets, and on external factors that influence the tourism industry such as climate change and globalization.

Major topic areas in psychology are covered such as development, learning and motivation as well as applied areas such as interpersonal relationships, communication, and working with groups.

The students will be provided with a framework for ethical decision making and thus be aware of the relevance and importance of ethics in a global economy.

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Therefore, such a course is considered imperative for students that will enter a multi cultural industry such as tourism. It presents the chronological succession of civilizations that flourished on the island.

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In addition to political developments, the course examines the social and cultural conditions of the various eras; particular attention is paid to material remains, such as artifacts and buildings. It gives students a better understanding of the developments throughout Europe sincefocusing on the concepts and causal forces that ultimately shaped world history.

It deals in some detail with the institutions, processes and culture of British Politics and the European Union, as well as the American Constitution and Federalism. It is concerned with the process of making decision to follow specific courses of action. Foreign policy analysis is an attempt to find rational explanations of why nations behave 3 σε 1 camisole αδυνατίσματος they do.

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Succinctly stated: How does a nation set its goals, order priorities, activate the governmental policy-making machinery, and employ its human and natural resources to compete successfully with other nation-states in the international arena? Whereas the study of international politics deals with the consequences of the clash of foreign policies in the competitive world environment.

The need to know is urgent, if one wishes 3 σε 1 camisole αδυνατίσματος avoid retracing the paths leading to two world wars and a world wide depression within a generation. In this nuclear age, war can no longer be regarded as a catalyst for relieving international tensions.

Only by sorting out the tangled skeins of relationships between states can some basis be found for international cooperation and for peace through world order. The 3 σε 1 camisole αδυνατίσματος of the program is to aid students in developing skills and knowledge in the Travel and Tourism sector and specifically the design, creation and application of tourism products and their marketing and sale nationally and internationally.