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For all additionally mentioned products please refer to the corresponding Instructions for Use. Block out undercuts or interdental spaces sufficiently to aid impression removal from the teeth after setting, as otherwise impression removal from the mouth will be difficult or could lead to the extraction of natural teeth or prostheses.

Blocking is particularly necessary when using Express XT Penta Putty or any other impression material with increased shore hardness. Impression Tray: All impression trays generally used for precision impressions are suitable.

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Rigid impression trays are recommended for two-step impression technique and when using Express XT Penta Putty. Place the Penta foil bags into the designated metal-reinforced Penta cartridges.

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Insert the loaded cartridge into the Pentamix mixing unit. Turn the plungers of the mixing unit downward with the hand-wheel until resistance is noticed, do not force. When using new foil bags, start mixing and extrude a small amount of paste, until it is uniform in color.

Discard this first amount of paste.

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Garant Dispenser: Insert the cartridge with the wash impression material into the Garant Dispenser. Prior to application, check that both Garant cartridge openings are not clogged.


When using new Garant cartridges, extrude a small amount of paste without the mixing tip, until base paste and catalyst are evenly extruded. If required: enlarge the exit opening ez body λεπτό 30 premium the intraoral tip by cutting it with a scalpel.

Make sure that base paste and catalyst are mixed completely and are extruded in a uniform color. Retraction Suitable retraction agents include aluminium hydroxide chloride, aluminium sulfate or ferric sulfate solutions. Keep the areas from which the impression is to be taken dry during impression.

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The use of retraction cords may be required for subgingival preparations. Prior to the impression, thoroughly remove residual retraction material by flushing and drying.

These times are reduced due to higher temperatures of the product or prolonged if the temperature of the product is lower. The mixed paste must be extruded in a uniform color free of streaks. Load the impression tray prepared with adhesive, keeping the mixing tip permanently immersed in the paste to avoid the formation of air bubbles.

While the tray is beeing loaded, apply the wash impression material around the cleaned and ez body λεπτό 30 premium preparation from the bottom up.

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Keep the application nozzle permanently immersed in the paste to avoid the formation of air bubbles. Slowly insert the loaded tray into the mouth parallel to the long axes of the prepared teeth, and hold it in place without exerting pressure.

Remove the impression from the mouth after completed setting. The mixed paste must be extruded in a uniform color, free of streaks.

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Remove the impression from the mouth after completed setting, clean and dry. Excise undercuts and interdental septa etc.

Clean and dry the impression thoroughly to provide for optimal coalescence of the two materials. Replace the preliminary impression into the mouth and hold it in place. After Impression Taking Thoroughly examine and explore the sulcus of the prepared teeth and surrounding dentition.

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Remove any residual cured impression material from the mouth. Place the impression in a standard disinfectant solution, e.

The duration complies with the instructions of the manufacturer.

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Do not leave the impression submerged in the disinfection solution for more than the specified amount of time as otherwise the impression may be damaged. After disinfection, clean the impression of any remaining disinfection solution by rinsing under running water for approx.

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Model Preparation If Express XT Penta Putty has been used to take an impression, the impres sion can be poured two hours after removal from the mouth. Impressions of all other product combinatios can be poured 30 minutes after removal from the mouth at the erarliest. There are no other time limitations for pouring.

In order to attain a bubble-free model, ez body λεπτό 30 premium the impression with water shortly before pouring, remove excess water or use a silicone surfactant.

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Pour the impression with a standard dental die or model stone. The impres sions can be silver or copper plated. Cleaning Garant Dispenser: Remove paste that has not set using an alcoholsoaked cloth.

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Disassemble the dispenser before autoclaving. Glutaraldehyde-based solutions can be used for disinfection. Impression Tray: The adhesive can be removed from re-usable impression trays using acetone. Removing and replacing the spent Penta or Garant Mixing Tip may lead to carry-over of paste and ensuing formation of clogs.

Even small traces can affect the setting process.

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Vinyl gloves are more suitable. This could result in expansion and inaccurate stone models. Do not use after the expiration date.

ez body λεπτό 30 premium

Customer Information No person is authorized to provide any information which deviates from the information provided in this instruction sheet. Limitation of Liability Except where prohibited by law, 3M ESPE will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from this product, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential, regardless of the theory asserted, including warranty, contract, negligence or strict liability.